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Don Quijote Vinyl Wall Clock

Don Quixote, the hero who wanted to rebuild the world is a brave old nobleman. He has his own vision of the world, he sees everything in his own way. For him, the old nag becomes a fighting, strong horse, a simple girl from the village – a lady of noble blood. Don Quixote sees the world as the imagination of a noble and generous hero has created it.

If you have the same look at life, then hurry to buy this watch!

You may request any changes in the design. All the further changes are free of charge.

  • Clock Insurance:
    Purchase an insurance and during 6 or 12 months from the moment of receiving the clock, if it will be damaged in any way - we will issue you a new clock and send it free of charge.
    All we need is a picture from you showing that the clock is in the conditions, which do not let you use it any more.

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  • Description


Exclusive wall clocks made from vinyl records will create the bright mood of your interior.
You are able to choose a color of the clock face as well as request your own unique clock face sticker.

Size of vinyl record – 30 cm (12″).

Weight of a single clock with integral mechanism – 250 ± 50 g (depending on the cut out area of the record).